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Understanding Karate - Free Online PDF Book

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Understanding Karate Do - A Guide to Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul (Free Online PDF Book)

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Understanding Karate Do, Johnston Karate's in-house student training manual, is available above as a free online PDF book. Understanding Karate Do represents years of research, training, and teaching. The book includes a brief history of karate, detailed descriptions of general principles (such as "ma-ai" or the concept of proper fighting distance), as well as lists of techniques, drills, and kata practiced in various karate styles. Understanding Karate Do also has articles on Japanese terminology, physical conditioning, karate precepts and philosophy, and more. Hopefully, it has something for both beginners and experts. Understanding Karate Do is intended to be a useful resource as potential and current students training in karate. Please also view Martial Arts Thoughts and Articles and Guide to Fitness and Strength, our supplementary guides.

The book also details Mizuumi ryu Karate, the style developed and taught by Johnston Karate.
Mizuumi ryu Karate - Official Home Page

Understanding Karate - Supplementary Resources - PDF Book

Available on Amazon! Understanding Karate Do - Official Trade Paperback and Kindle Editions
The book is also available through Amazon as a professionally bound and printed trade paperback book, and as a Kindle E-Book. The official trade paperback book and Kindle editions of Understanding Karate Do, available through the Amazon store below, both include an extra section containing most of the material from the two supplementary guides.

Understanding Karate Do - Amazon Book Store
Would you like to own a copy of our exclusive student training manual as a beautiful, professionally printed and bound trade paperback book, or as a Kindle e-book! Please support Johnston Karate by purchasing either edition of the book, and/or sharing the above page with others :)

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Intended to act as a supplement to the article In Pursuit of Perfection, Or 'Mizuumi' / 'Lake' - Part II, which is included in Understanding Karate Do.

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