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Thank you for your interest! I am no longer in the business of martial arts instruction, but I still provide free martial arts resources through this site. I can make exceptions for potential students of exceptional character and work ethic. I also still offer personal training in various types of exercise. Get in touch with me below. Martial arts resources may be found through the this site's top menu, or links further down on this page.

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If you would like to schedule and pay for private lessons online, you may do so at the MindBody Online portal below. Get $10 off your first workout, or a 25% discount when you invest in a class package! MindBody Online's service is fast and easy to use.

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All new clients are required to fill out the training agreement, waiver, and health questionnaire. A medical release form is also required for potential clients who have any health issues indicated on the questionnaire. Below is a short URL to a folder with all of these documents, as well as my policies and procedures, and my price sheet. Feel free to print and fill out the required forms to bring in to our initial consultation.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Training Curriculum PDF Book

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The free, online version of the training curriculum is embedded below. It includes workouts designed around the strength test requirements.The curriculum is based primarily on progressive calisthenics, which is a minimalist yet holistic approach to movement, athleticism, and strength. You may also view and/or download the curriculum through the short link below -